• Published: 18th Mar 23
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Seasoned landlords will be aware that their tenants must be given a copy of the governments ‘How to Rent Guide’ before they move into the property. The obligation to do this is part of what is known as the prescribed requirements.

This guide is updated every so often, and a new version is expected to be released on March 24th. It contains updates on the changes in the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Amendment Regulations, as well as the landlords requirements under the Electrical Safety Regulations.

Information on disability and ensuring the property is suitable has been added, along with information on the fitting of smart meters. There is also text around the RIght to Rent checks that must be completed before letting the property.

For your current tenants, the updated guide should be issued when the tenancy becomes statutory periodic or if you do a renewal tenancy with them.

You can send it to your tenant by email, as long as you have their consent. BUT you must send the PDF version, not just the link to the website. If they do not agree to an email then you will need to print it off and send it by post (keep a record of postage).

Service of this document can easily be missed. The consequences are that any Section 21 notice you issue, may not be valid so it is worth ensuring that you have served the latest one at the correct time. While you are at it, have a read so you know what’s in there!


You can find the How to Rent Guide here which will automatically be updated on the 24th.


Please note the date this article was published as the law or the essence may have changed since it was posted. You should always seek independent legal advice if you are intending to rely on any of the contents. Unless stated otherwise this article only reflects the position for the Private Rented Sector in England and therefore may not apply to other countries within the United Kingdom. 




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