• Published: 5th May 23
  • Category: News

The Government have announced that they intend to introduce this bill into parliament next week. This is the start of the process to bring the bill into law.

The introduction will enable us to see the draft legislation which will give a clearer indication of the impact it will have on landlords, and the unintended consequences for tenants.

Whilst there is still some way to go before this becomes law, we would expect to see this come into force towards the end of 2024.

Meanwhile here is a reminder of the main points from the White Paper:

  1. The Decent Standards Scheme to be expanded into the Private Rented Sector (currently only applies to Social Housing)
  2. Abolish Section 21 (no fault) notices
  3. Reforming grounds for possession where there are tenancy breaches
  4. End rent review clauses allowing for one rent increase per year
  5. Establish a Housing Ombudsman that Landlords will be required to join
  6. Develop a Property Portal where tenants can check landlord and property compliance
  7. Strengthen Local Authority enforcement on rogue landlords 
  8. Make it illegal to have a blanket advertising policy of no benefit tenants or families with children
  9. Require landlords to have good reason to refuse a pet
  10. Introduce a lifetime, passport style deposit for tenants





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