• Published: 5th Mar 24
  • Category: News

It’s been a busy time for local courts with three cases to tell you about.

Firstly, in Tyneside, a landlord faced legal action under the Housing Act 2004 for failing to furnish gas safety certificates upon request by the local authority.

This case had a broader context, as the landlord had neglected to address gas leaks at the property despite receiving enforcement and caution notices on multiple occasions.

The landlord was fined £1,488 for putting the tenant at risk.

Moving on, two landlords in London were found guilty of violating both the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 and an Enforcement notice issued under the Housing Act 2004. This intricate case involved the unauthorised conversion of a property into a multiple dwelling without the requisite permissions.

Additionally, there were lapses in maintaining safety standards and obtaining the necessary license. Despite the property being sold before the court hearing, the landlords were instructed to pay a total sum of £597,000.


Finally, the case of an anti social tenant who was eventually evicted after a sustained period of “making life a nightmare” for the local community. Alongside keeping unruly dogs at the property, there were suspicions of drug dealing and organised crime.

With the help of both the police and the local authority the landlord was granted a possession order and the tenant was evicted.




Please note the date this article was published as the law or the essence may have changed since it was posted. You should always seek independent legal advice if you are intending to rely on any of the contents. Unless stated otherwise this article only reflects the position for the Private Rented Sector in England and therefore may not apply to other countries within the United Kingdom. 


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