• Published: 10th Aug 22
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Much of the management of our clients’ properties happens behind the scenes, seamlessly resolving situations as they occur.

This week we meet Lois and Thea, part of the Property Management team that make this happen.

Meet the Property Management Team! Stuarts Residential

Lois Bishop

Meet the Property Management Team! Stuarts Residential

Thea Tarrant

What does a typical day look like for you?

Lois: Firstly, the day must start with a cuppa! After that, I spend most of my day dealing with maintenance issues, corresponding with Landlords, chasing Contractors following works orders, drafting tenancy paperwork, ensuring safety certificates are up to date and managing my team.

Thea: A typical day would involve having a catch up with my colleagues at the start of the day and setting a to do list. Preparing new tenancy’s, resolving maintenance issues, arranging property visits, ensuring all paperwork is updated and that we hold correct and current documentation for our landlords’ properties.


What are the greatest challenges you face?

Lois: One of the greatest challenges we face is the regular change in legislation and frequently having to adjust procedures to reflect this. For example, with the new legislation regarding Carbon Monoxide alarms it means we are checking all our managed properties to ensure they are compliant.

Thea: Every day is a school day! Keeping up to date with current legislation and understanding any upcoming changes that may affect our landlord clients and their tenants.


What gives you the most satisfaction?

Lois: The outstanding works orders being under 100! The most satisfaction for me is being able to find tenants their new home!

Thea:  The continuous learning and expanding my knowledge in the industry.


Why should landlords use you rather than doing it themselves?

Lois: The advantages of using Stuarts Residential, is that we stay up to date, we are on the ball with evolving legislation which helps us provide landlord clients with the best service and ensuring that they are always compliant.

Thea: Between the team we have a wide variety of knowledge with years of property experience between us. We are very organised and like to make sure everything runs smoothly. Having established systems means we are always one step ahead, especially when it comes to important documents coming to their expiry dates, such as Gas Safety certificates.


Need some help? Download our landlord guides from our website or use our resources section to keep up to date.

If you are a landlord trying to juggle your property responsibilities, keeping up to date with the latest changes may just be a little too much to add to your “to do list”, but we are happy to take these jobs off your hands leaving you with more time to take care of your other tasks – do contact us, we love to chat about all things property related.



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