• Published: 2nd Dec 19
  • Category: News

Rain, rain and more rain! We have already seen plenty of this over the last month and now with temperatures beginning to drop, we need to be thinking about a prolonged cold snap.

Here are some of our handy tips to help protect your property over the coming months.

* Ensure that all outside pipes are properly clad. If you notice any cracks then make sure they are dealt with as a matter of urgency
* Check for leaks from washing machines and dishwashers, baths, sinks and toilets.
* Be sure that you know the location of all main and subsidiary stop taps and ensure they are fully operational – being able to turn off the water in an emergency is very important!
* Check that your roof is in a well-maintained state, check for cracked or broken tiles and ensure that you get them professionally fixed.
* Clear gutters of leaves and debris.
* Check outside lighting is working, especially if there are steps or pathways that can become slippery
* Check Chimneys are swept
* Get your boiler serviced
* Outside, secure dustbins, garden furniture, gates, fence panels, shed doors and loose items in case of strong winds

If required we can recommend reputable, local contractors who can help with these tasks. Please let us know if you need assistance.

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